Diffuser, Yoga Sunday


The Pose of the day is the ARROW pose! To illicit Balance in all areas of life. Straight, Strong and Focused.

As you start the pose follow the mantra and Finish with “I dare to be strong”.

1. I am straight as an arrow

2. I am long and focused

3. I fly through the air

4. I dare to be strong

I have worked through some Out with/In with statements and focusing on positive energy this week. My favorite for this pose, “Out with the stress, In with the peace”.

The oils I was drawn to before this pose were Passion and Peace. I rolled them on my pulse points on my wrist and neck and rubbed them in to increase blood flow.


Passion is also known as the inspiring blend. It contains individual oils that blend to increase passion and confidence and decrease fear, rejection and defeat.

Cardamom: is uplifting, refreshing, and invigorating and may help with feelings of confusion.

Cinnamon: has warming, stimulating properties and is often used to help with low libido.

Ginger: is often used for its stimulating, warming influence. The aroma may help influence physical energy and love. Shown in this study to potentially increase physical activity as well as serve as an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory! Very cool.

Clove: helps create a feeling of protection and courage and is often used to help with hormonal balance.

Sandalwood: helps calm, harmonize, and balance the emotions and can help relieve nervous tension. As seen in this study.

Jasmine: has a beautiful, uplifting fragrance that symbolizes hope, happiness, and love. It is often used to help uplift and open the emotions and to help promote powerful, inspirational relationships.

Vanilla: is calming and balancing and may help ease tension.

Damiana: was used traditionally by the ancient Mayan and Aztec people to promote stronger feelings of affection. It is often used to help reduce feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation.

Peace is an emotions blend also called the Reassuring blend. It helps fight emotions of anger, depression and grief as well has illicit happiness and is uplifting.

Single Oils in This Blend:

Vetiver: has calming, balancing properties and is often used to help sedate the nerves. It may also help with anxious, stressful, worried feelings and promote restful sleep. Also good with decreasing anxiety according to this study.

Lavender: is well known for its calming, soothing properties. It helps promote consciousness, health, love, peace, and a general sense of well-being.

Ylang Ylang: has antidepressant and sedative properties. It is often used to help calm and relax. This study shows a decrease in anxiety and improvement in self esteem!

Frankincense: is often used to help promote feelings of balance, to help with focus and meditation, and to help ease impatience and restlessness.

Clary Sage: has sedative and soothing properties and is often used to help with hormonal balance.

Marjoram: is often used to help relieve physical stress and helps promote feelings of peace and restfulness.

Labdanum: or cistus, was one of the first aromatic substances used anciently. It is stimulating to the senses and is often used to help elevate the emotions and soothe the nerves.

Spearmint: is often used to help open and release emotional blocks and to bring about a feeling of balance. It is also known to help with feelings of depression by relieving mental strain and fatigue and lifting one’s spirit.


Diffuser, DIY

Calming Pillow Spray and Bath Oil DIY

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Serenity – (Restful Blend) – Sleep, calm, De-stress. Great to diffuse at night, spray on your pillow, to soothe crying little ones or add to a bath. Gentle enough for babies. This oil smells heavenly!

Lavender – The Swiss army knife of oils…calming, sleep, anxious feelings, skincare, burns, pain, clear breathing, and more! No home should be without Lavender.

**Calming Pillow Spray**


Small Spray Bottle (4 0z)
Distilled Water
1 1/2 Tbl Witch Hazel or vodka
6-10 Drops Serenity Essential Oil


Fill the bottle with water and the witch hazel into the spray bottle and shake. The witch hazel will help the essential oils to disperse evenly and not settle at the bottom.
Add your Essential Oils and shake gently.
Shake before each use.
Spray the air, bed, pillow, sheets, windows, favorite stuffed animal…

Bath Oil Blend

**Moisturizing Bath Oil**

with Sleep Peacefully


  • Glass bowl or container
  • 2–3 tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 7 drops of Lavender
  • 4 drops of Serenity
  • 4 drops of Peace


Pour Fractionated Coconut Oil in a glass bowl or container. Add essential oils and stir.

Pour in running bath water to distribute throughout bath. This bath oil will leave your skin silky smooth.