Work those Brain Muscles

I love when I am downstairs and I remember that there is something that I need upstairs. I have a burning sense of urgency to run upstairs and grab it because I need it RIGHT NOW! Then I get up the 16 steps and have completely forgotten what I was needing. I like to then go into my check list, what was I doing when I needed it, What room was I going to, What was I planning on doing next and so on.

I have worked in Skilled Nursing facilities where I have had the pleasure of working with patients from mild to severe dementia. They always would tell me that it started off in the beginning of them forgetting little things. So now when I forget, I start to worry that I am loosing my mind.

There is a history of dementia in my family. Nothing to severe, but I make sure to keep my mind sharp and flex my brain muscles every chance I get.

So today, as I was flexing my brain muscles about Orange Oil I cam across this Gem of an article about the effects of aromatherapy on cognitive function! The conclusion was this “Aromatherapy may have some potential for improving cognitive function, especially in AD (Alzheimer’s Disease) patients”! I would say that this is some promising research and I am looking forward to continued study of aromatherapy and the brain. Also, one of the important highlights from this study is the before and after labs to show the oils are SAFE for use and there were “no side effects associated with the study”!

If you feel you are becoming more forgetful maybe it is time to set an alarm on your phone to start diffusing some Orange Oil daily! Try this blend! It will help keep you focused, motivated and alert! Also check back to  my Tale of Wild Orange blog for a refresher on the wonders of orange oil with decreasing cortisol (stress hormones) to get the most out of our workout!

Also recommend to help ward off signs of dementia is high intensity interval training (HIIT). Wild orange and peppermint is an awesome blend to diffuse or apply to pulse points during exercise to get the most out of your workout. Try this workout, If you make it through one round and you are feeling good with continued quality movement then try round two!

Time to Work it out!