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DIY Hand Soap!

Good Morning Everyone! We used up all our hand soap because Toddler life is a messy life! So this morning we made more! It is summer so I wanted to avoid citrus oils due to their photo sensitivity. I also wanted something that would keep us calm and but still slightly stimulating. Tea Tree is… Continue reading DIY Hand Soap!

Individual Oil

Not Just Great with Thai Food!!

LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL!!!! This oil is one of the forgotten wonders of the Essential Oil world! I have put in bold my favorite uses of lemongrass. We mix it in with our dogs shampoos and It is an ingredient in my shampoo, body wash and home made deodorant. I will include Recipes below. We have… Continue reading Not Just Great with Thai Food!!


Kid blends

Have you wanted to start using oils but are not quite sure about where to start or how to safely use them with your kiddos? This kids roller ball kit is a great place to start. You will have what you need on hand for most of your daily challenges. COOL KIDDO- Patchouli + Peppermint… Continue reading Kid blends


Sweet cheeks

#mom life There are a few things in life I dislike more than changing poopy diapers. One of those things is my sweet boys being in discomfort so I continue to change those foul smelling creations in return for happy healthy boys. My sweet baby has had a rough battle with diaper rash and no… Continue reading Sweet cheeks



Since puberty I have battled bad skin. I was a sweat ridden, hormonal athlete with clogged pores. I had tried every acne face wash and moisturizer. My skin cleared up during my first pregnancy and then the post baby hormones kicked it into over drive! I was starting to have the same problem after having… Continue reading Acne?

Diffuser, DIY, Individual Oil


So the focus of this week is the blends that DoTERRA has pre-made. Who has an adorable husband during the day and then at night he turns into the loudest chainsaw you have ever heard with his obnoxious snoring? Before oils I would give husband a not so gentle nudge every time he was bothering… Continue reading Blended