Citrus Bloom in the Air

Citrus Bloom is in the air people! There are just a few stressful things going on in my life. I will be the first to admit that everything is not always rainbows and unicorns in life. Our household is by no means perfect and I have been stressed out, snippy and down. Citrus Bloom, Balance and motivate is one of my new favorite blends that I have been diffusing. My family may not agree that I am less snippy but I guarantee they do not want me off this mixture of sunshine and happy. I am far more stable and happy when I have oils on board.

So, To introduce the New Doterra oil Citrus bloom:

Citrus Bloom:
💦Wild Orange – uplifting and energizing, supports immune function
💦Grapefruit – cleansing to the air, helps with stressful feelings
💦Lavender – support healthy cortisol levels, soothing and calming to the emotions
💦Roman Chamomile – support your mood and emotions, support healthy sleep
💦Magnolia – calming and relaxing


🧡Peppermint Plant- energizing and invigorating
🧡Clementine Peel- soothing and sedating
🧡Coriander Seed-stimulant, relaxing, decreased stress and nervousness, calming influence
🧡Basil Herb-aid concentration, alertness and reduce mental fatigue
🧡Yuzu Peel- improved circulation, focus and concentration
🧡Melissa Leaf- calming, balance and uplift emotions
🧡Rosemary Leaf- relieve feelings of nervousness or mental fatigue, depression and improve memory and concentration
🧡Vanilla Bean Absolute- calming and balancing as well as ease tension
☯️Spruce- creates balance and improved circulation
☯️Ho Wood- Appeasing to mind, relaxing body and creates feeling of peace
☯️Blue Tansy- Rid of anger and promotes feeling of self control
☯️Frankincense- promote positive attitude, enhance communication and increase oxygen to the brain. provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions.
☯️German Blue Chamomile- Ease nervousness and tension
☯️Osmanthus Flower- relaxes and eases feelings of depression

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