Who needs a little extra pick me up!? This blend is in honor of one of my good friends that absolutely LOVES Doterra’s Blend Cheer.

DoTERRA Cheer was specifically and chemically constructed to help dispel negative emotions and bring light and sunshine into dark or dreary days.


Orange: has calming properties that help ease feelings of anxiousness. Its aroma is uplifting to the mind and body.

Clove: has an energizing aroma that helps create a feeling of protection and courage.

Star Anise: from China has a licorice-like aroma that is believed to be energizing and to promote feelings of euphoria.

Lemon Myrtle: has calming, sedative properties and has an elevating, refreshing aroma.

Nutmeg: is often used to help increase energy and to support the nervous system from feelings of fatigue.

Vanilla: is calming and balancing and may help ease tension.

Ginger: is often used for its stimulating, warming influence. The aroma may help influence physical energy and love.

Cinnamon: has warming, stimulating properties and is often used to help relieve feelings of depression.

Zdravetz: is a variety of geranium found in Bulgaria. This oil has calming and relaxing properties.

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