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Thank the lordy for my awesome parents!! My dad made me and the boys dinner tonight while husband was at work because 1) he loves me and 2) they have AC and ours is currently out of commission while we wait for a part!

He made pulled pork tacos which were AMAZING!! Filled a corn tortilla folded it in half and deep fried it…. Sadly he burned his finger while cooking! 😢

Luckily we got his finger directly into some ice water. Followed by lavender to sooth the skin and finished off with some frankincense to prevent blistering and a scar.

To follow up he will need this great after burn spray!

2oz spray bottle

5 Drops helicrysum

5 Drops peppermint

10 drops lavender

Fill to the top with vitamin E oil

Put on lid, shake and spray on burn area!

Feel better dad! We love you!

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