Black or Earl Gray…

Very calming

Have you ever wondered what sets Earl Gray tea apart from the black English breakfast tea? The quick and most accurate answer is the unsung hero of essential oils…Bergamot. Whether you pronounce it like the french or with a hard “T” it is a great oil for calming anxiety and settling down from a long day.

This oil can help with insomnia, relaxation, and reduce agitation.

There was a study conducted that shows bergamot and lavender blended decrease feelings of anxiety and depression which is very awesome. One step closer to helping people control their mental health and feel empowered to have the tools on hand to combat those feelings!!

Please remember that bergamot is a citrus oil and may cause skin sensitivity when exposed to sun up to 12 hours after application!

Bergamot blends best with the following oils: Cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, and ylang ylang.

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