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The Tale of Wild Orange

Time for me to reveal one of my deep dark secretes…….


I HATE raw meat….I don’t like cutting it, touching it, or cooking it… Are you now wondering How is this relevant to wild orange? We will get there.

Wild orange essential oil earns an entire week of blog posts because it is so versatile. I was and honestly still am trying to figure out where to start because it can do so much.

Today I will do a quick overview of the main research based properties and then will delve deeper on each topic this week.

1. Orange is a power house cleaner. It has even been shown to prohibit growth of E coli bacteria and Salmonella. So I make sure I have my wild orange on hand to clean our counters, my hands and utensils and anything else that may have potentially come in contact with nasty raw meat.

2. It has been shown to successfully fight certain strains of cancerous tumors (yes I have research for this one)

3.  Enhances immune system and protects against oxidative stress which is really neat

4. Decreases blood pressure by improving circulation which is also helpful in addressing anxiety and decreased cortisol levels. (I have research for this too 😁)

5.  Anti inflammatory Orange essential oil makeup is high in limonene which has been shown to be a great anti inflammatory.

6. Pain reducer There is another double blind study that shows short term pain relief from ginger and orange essential oil.

7. Mood booster: Orange oil has been shown to reduce cortisol levels which makes it both uplifting and calming which is quite rare. When we breathe it in our olfactory system adapts to our current needs.

7. Calming sedative: This double blind shows orange oil helps over come anxiety during labor! Why is this not in every labor room? It also has a statistical significance in decreased blood pressure for immediate and long term decrease.

8. Fights acne, wrinkles and dark spots

The absolute best part about wild orange is that it is very inexpensive. $10.50 if you have a wholesale membership!  Ask me how to get wild orange into your home!


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