We all have Emotions

Do you ever feel like you are on an unstable roller coaster with too many feels?! I have been a hormonal imbalanced wreck after baby number two, or questionably for my entire pubescent life…

This week has been especially frustrating but I now, after 29 years, finally have some backup. Clary Calm is the women’s blend that is made to balance hormones. I don’t have any science behind this blend yet specifically but I can tell you first hand that it takes me from an ugly cry to an embarrassed reasonable human in minutes.

Clary sage is the first ingredient and it is a hormone powerhouse.    It has natural phytoestrogens which help regulate estrogen. It also was found in this study to be an effective anti depressant and decrease cortisol levels which block hormone production.

I like to rub Clary calm on my forearms and I like to diffuse Clary sage with bergamot, grapefruit and juniper berry. It is slightly calming and gives me that extra uplifting support I need to negotiate with a toddler.

Have questions? Lets set up a time to talk about the best blend to bring you some inner peace.


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