Woof woof!

I have two very silly dogs that like to play outside. One is a big dufus that has no idea how big he is. The other is a small nervous herder.

They both roam around and frolic through the grass. We mow and keep up our property but we do not use poisons to kill bugs.

It is very unsafe to spray grass for many reasons including it getting on our fur babies paws and absorbing into their body. Same goes for our children who play outside too.

I had to find an alternative and thanks to pub med once again I have a good starting point.


The recent research shows that Wild Orange essential oil helps repel ticks! This is great news because ticks are nasty carriers of Lyme disease.

I recommend filling a large sprayer with water and 2.5% orange essential oil and giving the yard a good mist.

Feel Like killing two birds with one stone add some liquid dish washing soap and vinegar as a natural weed killer!

Your pets and children will be safe from toxins and ticks and you will hopefully haveĀ  happy weed free grass win win!!


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