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There are a few things in life I dislike more than changing poopy diapers. One of those things is my sweet boys being in discomfort so I continue to change those foul smelling creations in return for happy healthy boys.

My sweet baby has had a rough battle with diaper rash and no matter What store bought creams or prescriptions we used it always came back with a vengeance.

Enter essential oils: We mixed up 10 drops each of lavender tea tree and frankincense mixed with FCO into a  3 oz spray bottle. Spray it on during diaper change and notice the difference within hours.

Frankincense is safe for use on babies and works wonders for all skin-related ailments including diaper rashes. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain and swelling in the affected region. It also contains potent antioxidants, which help promote faster healing.

Also known as melaleuca, tea tree is one of the most commonly used oils in the world and is well-known for being a powerful disinfectant. It is a potent antiseptic and contains antimicrobial, antivirus, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil is particularly good for diaper rashes caused by yeast infection, compared to other essential oils. This is a must-have essential oil for all.

A calming and relaxing oil, lavender does wonders to soothe the red, itchy skin around the rash. It helps disinfect the skin, relieves pain and enhances blood circulation, promoting faster healing and quick relief.

It took about 7 diaper changes of consistent care to get rid of his rash and we have not had a recurrence unless I am not spraying!

If you don’t have all the ingredients I am happy to make it for you for 15.00. If you want to be able to make as much as you need here is the link to purchase the ingredients.


Hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!

Diaper Rash Spray

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  1. Melissa I totally enjoy your posts and learn something new each time 🤔. Please keep up the lessons. ❣️

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