Creation of Essential Stiles

Here is a quick guide on adding Lemon oil into your daily routine!

Essential Stiles was created after my very sneaky and intelligent 2 year old figured out how to bust through our child safety devices. He opened up our cupboard with cleaners and sprayed himself. Luckily he was just fine, nothing a shower couldn’t fix but I knew I needed a more natural alternative.

I have been skeptical of Essential Oils from the moment my grandpa rubbed cheap low quality lavender oil in my fresh gaping wound when I was 10 and it burned like hell. From that moment on I wanted nothing to do with them. When my friend told me that she used Essential Oils in her home for cleaning I was once again skeptical.

Alas, as a new mom I found that I was willing to try anything to keep my baby boys safe.

We met up and she educated me on how they applied Essential Oils in their lives: hand soap, cleaner, pain relief ect…

I decided to purchase Lemon and Lavender from her that evening and immediately went home and started some in depth research.  I read all about the antiseptic properties of Lemon and found hundreds of DIY recipes and uses for Lemon oil.  I read the effectiveness of Lemon oil as a cleaner so I found a recipe that had ingredients I already had at home and got to cleaning. The house looked and smelled great. The best part, non toxic, no chemicals and I could set it down for 2 seconds without worrying about mischievous hands.

This moment marked the beginning of our oil journey.


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