Life with a 2.5 year old

My Sweet 2.5 year old is compassionate, Loving, nurturing and has a heart of gold. With that said, He is also strong-willed, curious, intelligent, busy, and independent. These characteristics will make for an amazing contributing member of society in his adult years, but for now he keeps us on our toes.

That is why we use the doTERRA Balance blend in our home daily. His roller is diluted to 5% due to him being one of the tiniest humans of all time. Dilution is based on age, weight and experience with essential oils. Due to his small size him and our 7 month old have the same dilution, which makes life easy.  5 drops in our 10 ml bottle and then filled with fractionated coconut oil (FCO) and we are ready to go. I usually let him pick where we roll it because it is one of his favorite things. Usually he will pick his back because he loves it when I rub his back. If he is having a toddler moment and wont choose we put it on his feet and massage it in. It almost immediately calms him and I down. We both are thinking more clearly and he is far more reasonable. A bit multiple times a day makes our household a lot more fun!

Balance is made of spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy and blue chamomile merged together and diluted with FCO for optimal comfort and emotional balance. Each of these oils have been selected through vigorous research by doTERRA to make up their popular Grounding Blend.  Spruce helps with emotional release, ho wood provides calming effect, blue tansy relieves anger and promotes feeling of self-control, blue chamomile is for calming nerves and frankincense improves attitude and uplifts our spirits. Combined these make for the perfect mommy/toddler blend.

I love me some balance but sometimes on days like today where I am running on very little sleep (thanks to our 7 month old), 2.5 year old really wants those chocolate chips 5 minutes before dinner time and we are all ready for bed I need a little extra help. That is why I came up with this new diffuser/roller blend for when we need just a little more! Siberian Fir adds to reducing stress, soothing anxious feeling and gives a boost of energy. Citrus Bliss is doTERRA’s Invigorating Blend that is uplifting, calming, stress reducing and a sedative. It brings Peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart. It also reduces tension and agitation. So all three together help me be a better mommy and have A LOT more patience for my tiny tribe who are just trying to figure out life.

Try it out, Let me know what you think! Don’t have the ingredients or the time, I will make it for you and hand deliver or ship it for 10 dollars in a roller bottle just for you! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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