Calm Down!

Recently my company merged with another company and my medical benefits changed. I just got off the phone for the 4th time this week trying to explain that they need to bill my new insurance instead of my old one. Does anyone communicate anymore!? Thank the lord I had my roller blend pre-made because let me tell you, with a screaming baby in the background, a toddler trying to get into everything and me trying to tell the same company for the 4th time that they are billing the wrong insurance I was about to lose it!

However, I took the high road. I had some big whiffs of my roller bottle and then rolled it on my neck and hands and managed a calm and adult conversation. Fingers Crossed I don’t have to speak to them again about this topic.

Interesting fact:  research shows that lavender increases signs of interpersonal trust. See the research here .

I will choose to believe that using my essential oil blend allowed me to calm down and trust in the person on the other line to solve my problem!

Why not try it out! Plus, It smells Really good!


Ylang Ylang-  Treating anxiety, lowering blood pressure, releasing frustration

Lavender: Illicit feelings of trust.  Can make it easier to help release tension and angry.

Orange-Can bring feelings of calm and uplifting as well as alleviation of anxiety.


Three drops of each oil into a roller bottle, fill the bottle to the top with fractionated coconut oil

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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